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What is ESG investing?

ESG investing considers environmental, social, and governance factors alongside financial factors, evaluating sustainability and ethical impact. It identifies companies committed to sustainable practices that are likely to outperform and alerts investors to environmental or social controversies that could harm financial performance. This approach aligns investments with values and promotes positive change.

Positive Screening

Positive screening is an ESG investment approach where companies that meet certain ESG criteria are actively selected. This approach involves identifying companies that are leaders in ESG performance, such as those with a strong commitment to reducing their carbon footprint or having a diverse workplace. It supports companies that make a positive impact and potentially yields financial returns while encouraging them to improve their ESG performance.

Negative Screening

Negative screening in ESG investing involves excluding companies from an investment portfolio based on poor ESG performance or involvement in controversial activities. It helps investors align their investments with their values and avoid supporting companies not committed to sustainable practices or social responsibility. Negative screening is a powerful tool for investors seeking to promote positive change while achieving financial returns.

Responsibility and ethics is at the heart of what we do.

Our biggest responsibility is to you, our client and your assets. We embed a culture that puts clients at the heart of everything we do and are committed to doing the right things for our clients.

In both the way we invest money for our clients and the way we run our business, we know the importance of sustainability. We offer a range of responsible investments to help you to be part of creating a better future.

Sustainable Development Goals

We work with and recommend companies to you who can demonstrate their commitment, and are driving change.
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Things to consider

Benefits of ESG Investments:

  • Long-term performance: Companies that prioritize ESG factors are often better managed, have lower risk, and are more resilient to economic and environmental changes, which can lead to better long-term financial performance.
  • Reduced risk: ESG investments consider factors such as environmental regulations, labor practices, and executive pay, which can help investors avoid companies that are more likely to face legal, reputational, or financial risks.
  • Positive impact: ESG investments offer an opportunity to support companies that are actively making positive impacts on society and the environment, such as reducing carbon emissions, promoting gender and racial diversity, and improving labor practices.
  • Alignment with personal values: ESG investments allow investors to align their financial goals with their personal values and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable world.
  • Attractiveness to younger generations: ESG investments have gained popularity among younger generations who are increasingly conscious of social and environmental issues and seek investments that align with their values.

You might want to carefully consider:

  • Limited investment options: ESG investments are still a relatively new and growing market, which means that there may be fewer investment options available compared to traditional investments.
  • Lack of standardization: There is no standard definition or framework for what constitutes an ESG investment, which can make it difficult for investors to compare different options and evaluate their effectiveness.
  • Higher fees: ESG investments often have higher fees compared to traditional investments, due to the additional research and screening involved in identifying companies that meet ESG criteria.
  • Performance variability: ESG investments may not perform as well as traditional investments in some market conditions, particularly during periods of economic or political instability.
  • Potential for greenwashing: Some companies may make false or exaggerated claims about their ESG practices in order to attract investors, which can make it difficult for investors to know whether they are truly investing in socially responsible companies.
  • Limited diversification: ESG investments may be concentrated in certain sectors or industries, which can limit the diversification of an investor's portfolio and increase their exposure to risk.

Important Information

It is important to understand the risk associated with any form of financial product as well as the fees involved.

Past Performance

Past performance is not a guarantee of future return, nor is it necessarily indicative of future performance. Keep in mind investing involves risk. The value of your investment may fluctuate over time, and you may gain or lose money.

Our Fees

The precise amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances, and our advisors will provide you with an accurate set of costings after assessing your situation.

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